Time & Attendance

Allow us to help you reduce your biggest expense. Our web-based timekeeping solution makes tracking your employee’s time and attendance simple and precise.

Benefits and Features

Cut Labor Costs

Manage your people with maximum effectiveness. Minimize employee time theft by reducing time rounding and buddy punching.

Reduce Errors

Increase efficiency by reducing administrative and employee errors.

Avoid Non Compliance

Protect your business in case of an audit or labor dispute.

A Single System

Our timekeeping system automatically syncs with your payroll significantly reducing processing time.

Convenience and Accessibility

Employees punch in and out from their computer, smartphone or Time Clock.

GPS Tracking

Allows employers to view the location of an employee’s punches.


Supervisors run reports real-time and set up daily email reports.

Time off Requests

Employees can submit a time off request via their smartphone or desktop, which is then sent directly to their manager for approval.