Risk Management

You won’t find a category for “cost of risk” on a company’s income statement. However, cost of risk is a huge expense item. As Benjamin Franklin was fond of saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and curiously enough, he was talking about fire prevention. At Pinnacle we help you navigate and reduce seen and unforeseen risks your business are exposed to.

Benefits and Features

You can rely on Pinnacle to provide professional, technical, and effective services in the following areas

OSHA Compliance and Safety Training Programs

Stay up to date with latest compliance requirements.

Background Checks and Drug Testing

Essential services in order to avoid making the wrong hire.

Safety Library

Comprehensive library of safety rules, regulations, and best practices.

First Aid Claim Setup

A comprehensive first-aid program can ensure that those claims meeting “first-aid” criteria are not reported to your worker’s compensation carrier, thus mitigating negative loss experiences.

Claims Management

Pinnacle is involved in the claims process to assure each is handled proactively. We provide reserve analysis to help with your experience modifier.

Return to Work Programs

Control Workers’ compensation costs by getting your employees back to some form of work as quickly as possible. Pinnacle can help you design a modified duty program.


Pinnacle proactively monitors employment laws and regulations to help you stay aware of changes that could affect your business.